Niessing Ring® Heaven

Reaching for the sky…

Splendid on its own, perfect in a team

Slim and splendid, a gently curved ring sweeps upward and opens up to hold a large diamond floating at a spectacular height. Reaching for the sky…

The delicate Niessing Ring® Heaven lifts the diamond up to a spectacular height above the hand.

A perfect solo player as a jewelry ring—and a perfect team player, too: it leaves enough room for its future neighbor, the wedding ring—and it fits naturally to a Niessing Satellite ring. With its sublime sparkle, the diamond floats above the hand in the Niessing Ring®: sensuous, feminine, and splendid.

Clear design

feminine appearance

Niessing Ring® Heaven: the design is clear and straightforward, the appeal is feminine. A tension ring—a jewelry ring—an engagement ring for a new generation.

Niessing Ring® Heaven


Line of light
A delicate line of diamonds traces the perfectly balanced, sweeping outline of the tension ring. Set exactly in the center, it emphasizes the smooth form and frames the solitaire. The small diamonds underline its sparkle without rivaling it. The fine line of light directs all attention to the solitaire.

Feminine and splendid
The most feminine of all Niessing tension rings: small, sparkling highlights direct the focus to the beautiful, precious solitaire.

Niessing Ring® Heaven

Limited Edition Hearts & Arrows

The perfect diamonds
Canadian Hearts & Arrows diamonds are considered ideal: They rank among the most beautiful, sparkling, and precious diamonds in the world. Less than one percent of all diamonds are Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds. The Niessing Ring® Heaven with its feminine and sweeping curves holds an Ideal Round Cut diamond of one carat.

Hearts & Arrows meet “Heart and Arrow”
Is there a better match than a precious Canadian Hearts & Arrows diamond and an original Niessing Ring® bearing the punch mark “Heart and Arrow”? Discover unique tension rings in a strictly limited edition.

Niessing diamonds

Each stone is unique

Splendid, sparkling, and precious! A diamond must be treated well, or else it will keep its sparkling secret to itself. Niessing diamonds are top-quality; they have to meet the highest demands for being set into a Niessing Ring®. Discover sparkling white and precious, naturally colored diamonds!

A feast for the senses

Two sparkling companions

Niessing Satellite sends diamonds into their orbit. This ring loves to be in the company of peers, with a Niessing Ring®, with a wedding ring. The satellite encircles its companions with a fascinating glow.

Niessing colors

The most beautiful colors of gold

Colors can enchant you; they create harmony. Niessing has always been striving to create the most beautiful colors of gold. Which of the  Niessing Colors for precious metals looks best with your complexion, which reflects your personality? Discover the most beautiful colors of gold!

Niessing Ring® Heaven


Niessing Ring®


Slim and gently curved, the ring sweeps upward to hold the large diamond floating at a spectacular height: sensuous and feminine.


Niessing Ring®


The tension ring Heaven with a rare and very precious Hearts & Arrows diamond from Canada: a unique encounter.


Niessing Ring®


A delicate line of diamonds traces the sweeping outline of the tension ring. The fine line of light directs all attention to the solitaire.


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